Building Alignment

For leaders seeking to align their organisational, departmental, team and personal goals for maximum impact. Improve your approach to organisational objectives.

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Career Ladders

New and experienced CTOs with expanding teams benefit from having a clearly defined competency framework. The course will also support your own development planning.

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Employer Branding

Want to attract the best fit talent? This course is for new and experienced leaders wanting to take a more hands on role in developing the organisations brand as an employer.

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High performance teams

Aimed at leaders and managers of teams that are achieving their targets but are capable of delivering more. This course is also valuable for those experiencing unexplained employee turnover or seemingly unengaged workforces.

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Hiring and onboarding

For anyone involved in the interviewing, hiring and onboarding process. This course will be especially useful for those who engaged directly with candidates as well as those who are responsible for making the hiring decision.

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Professional development

The tech world never stops evolving and neither should you. This course is aimed at leaders and managers who identify the need to drive their own professional development as well as supporting their teams continued development.

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Resource Planning

For leaders, managers and professionals looking to develop a deeper understanding of the resource management process and an initial insight into how resource management aligns to other project management skills.

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Organisational design

Aimed at executives, leaders, managers and human resource representatives who want to develop their ability to design and implement organisational design changes based on inter-industry best practice.

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About CTO Craft

CTO Craft was launched in 2017 to provide coaching, mentoring and learning services to first-time technology leaders, CTOs and tech team leads, and help them achieve their business and technology objectives.

Whatever your experience level, making the move from building software to leading a team can be a delicate process. Our community can help make the transition to a great leader as straightforward and as successful as possible.